Gone and done streaking

I put my body to the test. Well, mainly I put my mind to the ultimate test.

I would run consecutively every day for as long as I could. I would not quit. The travel time that basically made me “lose a day” by flying from Seattle to Narita, Japan wasn’t going to hinder this new project. The dark Seattle nights that begin at 4 p.m. were not going to stop me. The fact that I may feel “a little tired” from waking up at 6:15 a.m. and then be at work for 8 hours followed by three hours of volunteering every Monday wasn’t going to make me miss a run.

I would make the time to run.

And, don’t get me wrong, there were a few days I went out there and thought to myself, “What the heck am I doing?? I don’t want to be out here!!”

“Is the streak alive?” Erica or Alex would ask me in passing when they would get home from work.

“You know it!” I would reply, adding in the number of days I had been running.

I was on a running streak, folks.

The rules? Run at least 20 minutes every day for as long as I could. (And, OK, yes, I fudged a bit on that travel day. You see, I left Seattle on Jan. 30 and clocked in my run that morning before my flight. But, with the time difference, by the time I arrived at my grandma’s house in Japan, it was like 7 p.m. Jan. 31! I ran for four minutes in her driveway. I counted that … whatever, these are my rules). And, of course, a majority of the runs were from 30 to 40 minutes with a few long runs scattered in there.

My secret goal was to get to 100 days. One hundred seemed like a nice feel-good number.

Am I crazy? No. People do running streaks all the time! Some of the crazies are out there with streaks that go on for years. Seriously. My college roommate, Heather, coincidentally is also on a streak. She’s training for a marathon and back when I saw her around Christmas-time when she was home for the holidays, said she was on day 80-something!

What happened to my streak?

I caught that plague that’s been going around. I know, it’s probably my fault for not getting a flu shot.

My last run was Wednesday. It was run number 39. Thirty-nine! Not even Forty!

But, I am pretty proud of having a 39-day running streak. (I secretly tried doing a streak in the summer and it “only” lasted 15 days).

Also, think about it: I kind of started a streak during the “worst time.” There were the holidays. There’s the crappy weather. There’s the flu season! Starting up a streak again in the summer seems like a much better idea.

However, I am kind of relieved to be done streaking. It’s been really nice to just sit around in sweatpants and watch Hulu the past two days.


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