Nine days free

When was the last time you truly tuned out all the noise? Actually shut down your computer? Had no Internet?

It’s refreshing.

It’s freeing.

I was in Japan visiting my grandma and was without Internet for nine whole days. (I know, I know, wasn’t I visiting a nation that is technologically advanced and probably invented the Internet?? Yes, but my grandma’s house does not have any internet connection hooked up. I did not bring my laptop with me and thus could not use any of the wifi hot spots in town. Oh yeah, and I don’t own an iPhone — or any type of smartphone for that matter).

At first I thought nothing of it. By the third day though, I was kind of itching to check my email. I wanted to read my local home paper. I missed my friends. Heck, I felt Facebook-deprived!

I don’t know if you remember, but I am a runner. (Or, I try to be). The several last runs of 2012 were in dark, cold, rainy Seattle. It took every ounce of my being to motivate myself to get out the door — with my headlamp attached to my forehead — to do some of those runs. (Details on what also helped in the motivation in a later post, I promise). I did many of those runs with my little purple iPod shuffle clipped onto the side of my spandex. (I used to be one of those runners who was “above” listening to music. Yeah, that’s sort of changed).

But, for nine days, I was able to run in the daylight. Sure, it was pretty cold but the sun was shining down on me! I never ran with music while I was there. It felt so good. I actually enjoyed each and every one of those nine runs — opposed to some of those last ones in 2012 where I felt like I was “forcing” myself to do it. It was freeing. I remembered why I like running so much. I remembered the feeling of running alone with your own thoughts.

As soon as I returned to Seattle — and went straight to work from the airport after essentially flying a red-eye flight with two hours of sleep and “time traveling” — I checked my work email and personal email. I almost had a heart attack. So many messages! So much junk mail! So many things to do!

But, you know what? I really had no desire to check Facebook.

It’s kind of freeing.

And, this is coming from a girl who religiously was on Facebook all the time.

Sometimes it’s nice just to be free.


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