Mind v. Body

I did the Seattle Half Marathon — my 14th half marathon — on Sunday and the next day I wasn’t the slightest bit sore. Sure, I didn’t really push myself and hadn’t trained to PR the race.

But, it made me realize that yes, I am damn lucky to be physically healthy.

I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t run. I would probably be miserable and edge onto being depressed.

Working with the geriatric population, I always get comments from the 65 (and older) -year-olds about “being thankful for my youth” or “don’t ever get old.” For some of the participants we see, just a walk from the parking lot to our clinic is a big ordeal — forget about any other kind of physical exercise.

Once in a while we get a man who just — I hate to say it — seems crazy. Whenever one of these types leaves after his clinic visit is over, my coworker will turn to me and whisper, “Was it just me, or was that guy kind of crazy?” (Or, if she doesn’t say it, I turn to her and say it). Something just seems a bit “off” with these folks. But, it has to do with their age. They have memory loss. They tell long-winded stories that are way off topic (oh, shoot, I do that now!)

Then I think to myself, which would I rather lose first when I’m old: my health or my mind?

What makes an individual that specific individual? Is it his or her physical appearance or is it the words that come out of his or her mouth?

I’m quick to say physical health. I want to be able to run for-e-ver.

But, what use is an able body if you don’t have a functioning brain to use it?

Our minds create our own unique thoughts and expressions. I don’t know what I would do if I lost that. This would be a really quiet blog …


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