Not ready, but ready to run

The entire week I wasn’t that nervous. My body wasn’t getting achy like it usually does right before a race. I wasn’t carrying around a water bottle everywhere I went. The fact that it was race week wasn’t at the forefront of my thoughts.

Then yesterday I was helping out all day at the marathon expo and jut hearing bits and pieces of people’s conversations and creating small talk with strangers about “Oh, are you doing the full or half?” or “Are you ready for tomorrow?” was good enough to get me ready for today.

There’s just this excitement the weeks or days (for me this time, the hours) leading up to a race. I seemed to have lost that but found it somewhere in the Westin hotel yesterday at the expo.

Like I have been saying, I’m not going out for a PR today (I didn’t put in the training). But, I am ready.

Oh, I am so ready.

There’s no feeling like the one right before racing. (And, none other like crossing the finish line!) See you in 13.1 miles.


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