Is Halloween over yet?

Halloween is one of my least favorite – favorite holidays. No, I do not have a love/hate relationship with it. I don’t have strong feelings for it but I do have strong (positive and happy) feelings for what comes after it: the real holidays.

Thanksgiving, the Christmas season, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, New Years! What else could make one happier than all of those in consecutive order?!

“Halloween night” 2012

I’m in the middle there — yes in the dark shadow of my companions — and yes, by that yellow-shimmery-poofy skirt, you can tell that I am Snow White. I was Snow White two years ago, and three years ago. What can I say, I made good of that $5.99 dress from Value Village that I originally didn’t even buy for Halloween! Next year, I honestly will try to do better and come up with a new consume. But hey, busy, working-person schedule = re-using a costume/saving money.

So, Happy Halloween to you and your goblins and villains. I’m looking forward to tomorrow and the way-reduced large quantities of candy at the grocery store. I’m also looking forward to the red cups and seasonal beverages that will go into those cups at Starbucks. (I swear, they didn’t pay me to write that).

Also, once Nov. 1 is actually here, it will be acceptable for me to listen to Christmas music (by a lot of my many holiday-loving friends’ standards). I know, I know … many of you are rolling your eyes and are threatening to click the unsubscribe button to this blog, but just you wait, the real holiday season is just what you’ll be needing in your life soon.

I’m ready for it, anyway.


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