Sandy Update

 [Guest post below. Phyllis gives me an electronic update on Sandy. She’s in Albany by the way. Next time we will return to our normal programming! Stay safe out there NY-ers!]

My dear friend Kristin,

In troubling times, it is ever such a comfort to receive messages from ones’ close companions. Were that I were away from this wretched place and in the Great Frontier with you!
I sit here amid the storm, sheltered by my humble lodging…but for how much longer, I do not know. The telegram office has been issuing periodic alerts, and for the time being, we are safe, but these newfangled “Meterologists” (weather witches, if you ask me) have been predicting winds faster than the steam train can travel. Tonight and tomorrow shall be the worst of it here in the North.
The University has maintained that it shall stay open, and so onward I must forge in my studies. I fear that I will run out of kerosene before I am able to review all of the day’s notes, but alas, such is life. If the rains die down, I may be able to steal away to the woods with my sling and hatchet and hope for some game for the night. A proper rabbit stew would cure any storm-induced woes!
I shall attempt to contact you again soon. May God have mercy on us all.
Yours truly,

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