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What’s one of the top 10 least fun activities?


I finally moved out of my parents’ house after my return to Seattle. All my furniture and most of my belongings are at my new place. But, it doesn’t feel like my home. I have showered at my new house maybe twice now. I have slept there a handful of times. My desk still needs to be assembled. I need to unpack a few suitcases and boxes. I need to move my dresser from being in the middle of the room to somewhere else less obstructive. I need to wrap the extension cord around my room from the one — yes, one! — outlet on one side of the room to my nightstand light on the other side. I also need to buy a new lightbulb for that nightstand light!

I had my first run in my new neighborhood this afternoon.

I live a five-minute run away from Green Lake now! Of course, that is where I ran to, around and back home from.

I haven’t been running much lately with well, trying to swim as much as possible so I don’t drown during my triathlon in a month.

Maybe by the beginning of September when the subletters move out and my other roommates move in, will I too, be all settled in. Or, you’ll just find me running the lake  — and on a good day, the hills of Upper Woodland.


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