Can’t stop won’t stop

Now that my triathlon training is in “full swing,” my running mileage has decreased to make room for the two other sports in my life (swimming and biking, obviously).

Being a runner, this feels weird. And, it’s not that I was running a ton of miles before I started training. My marathon was done more than a month ago. But, what I have noticed is that my days do not feel complete without a run.

I swam the past three days in a row and I also ran on those days. And, the thing is, I know that I am getting a “good enough” workout swimming and biking. I actually think I may be in “one of the best shapes of my life” (it’s up there with the time I was training for my first marathon) — I stepped on the scale today and was shocked to find that I weigh the same as when I did freshman year of college. This was seven years ago, people! I’m not quite sure where those five to seven pounds disappeared to, but I am sure they will appear after I’ve completed my tri!

But, enough about my fluctuating weight.


There are those people in your life who make your life feel complete. Running is like that for me. (Don’t worry, I do have people in my life, too!) If I have a bad day, I run. If I have a good day, I run. If it’s pouring rain out, I run. If the weather outside is sunny and warm, — hello upper 70s in Seattle on the first day of summer! — I run. If I am stressed, I run. Even if I am tired and only got three hours of sleep the night before, I run. I just run way slower.

And, maybe I’m not doing them correctly but, I just don’t get those same endorphins from swimming or biking as I do running.

Today marks the beginning of summer. And with that, summer running. Enjoy it.


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