A bad job doing nothing

When I realized I would have four days (plus the regular weekend) of “no work! no responsibilities!” I started thinking.

My last day as a reporter ended last Thursday and my new job at a hospital — what? a hospital? yes! — begins this Thursday. At first I thought about going on a vacation somewhere. Somewhere warm and nice. Maybe Disneyland again? But, I decided I didn’t want to travel and go somewhere because then my six days of “freedom” would just fly by and I would return unrested since when you are on vacation, it’s always “go! go! go!” — at least when I’m traveling on vacation it’s like that.

So, I decided I would just stick around town. Hang out with my friends. Clean my room. Do my taxes, that sort of thing. Maybe I would even read a book!

It’s Monday morning and it feels weird not having to be somewhere, or to have to do something.

It’s also weird that although I should be doing nothing, I pack my days with everything. Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights I was easily up past 3 a.m. Yes, 3 a.m.! Spending time with my long lost friends, of course.

But the thing is, I have not been sleeping in at all! This morning I was going to but instead I went on a quick run with Leah at 8:45 a.m. And then after the run I called my dentist to make an appointment — something on my “to-do list” to check off — and she didn’t have any openings until next month so I decided to take a cancellation at 8 a.m. tomorrow! Why on earth would I do this?

I have a hard time doing nothing.

I think Wednesday, I have nothing to do and will in fact sleep in and do nothing. But we’ll see.


2 thoughts on “A bad job doing nothing

  1. Yeah, sometimes I’d rather be in stressful-too-much-to-do situations than with nothing to do. Don’t know if that is a good thing though! Thanks for commenting!

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