Sometimes a long run can make a good weekend even better

It was a weekend of wimping out on Frisbee because my hands were too cold. It was a weekend of Smash Putt. It was a weekend of adventuring on Camano Island. It was a weekend of lunching and catching up with a friend. It was a long weekend (thank you, Pres Day). It was a weekend of working at the library. It was a weekend of partying with friends to say farewell to another. It was a busy weekend. It was a weekend that ended with a perfect run.

I did indeed do all those above mentioned things.

Below is (sort of) picture evidence of Smash Putt …

Cprov takes a swing through the living room while Bryce plays video games.









The boys' band photo. Tour dates TBA.














But then finally Monday — that day-off— came around and I knew I had to get some work done or I would be screwed the rest of the week. I went to the library and among law students who studied (whatever it is they study — the law?) I frantically wrote news stories and did some research for others. I dressed wearing running clothes. I knew I would have to run afterward.

And, I did. It was quite an accomplishment because I ran 9.33 miles all by myself. I haven’t done that in a while — go on a long run alone. But it felt surprisingly nice, even if it was raining the entire hour and 28 minutes I was out! Marathon training has commenced. It feels oddly at home to be back at it.

My body wasn’t even sore the next day.


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