And we’ve come full circle

I’ve been at my job for a year-and-a-half, according to LinkedIn. Does it annoy anyone else that LinkedIn actually makes your time at a job a month more than it actually is?

As of yesterday, I actually have been at my job for exactly one year and five months.

On my first day on the job — as a reporter for a weekly newspaper for those of you just joining us — I worked more than eight hours and ended the night at a gun club. There was a lawsuit that had to do with the group that had just been filed that day.

Yesterday, on the one-year-five-month anniversary of my job, that case has finally concluded. The judge gave her final ruling and signed the order yesterday.

The story I have had to follow for one year and five months is finally over. But, is news ever really over? No. There will always be more follows.










And, that there above is how I look after one year and five months at this job. Yes, those are circles under my eyes. Yes, that is a look of “well, that’s that.” Yes, I am taking a photo at work because hardly anyone else bothers to show up at the office on Fridays. All the people who were part of the team here when I started are no longer here for various reasons, all sort of doing with the same underlying reason.

Now, I just have the police scanner — that black box behind me in the photo — to keep me company.

That police scanner will sure be lonely once I leave.


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