Life Realizations

Life realizations at this exact point in time. They may not be right, but they are worth sharing.

1. Orange Gatorade tastes just like a melted orange popsicle. So unless you like to intake popsicles in its liquid form, you must mix your energy drinks properly. The rule of thumb is always go two parts Gatorade and one part water.

2. Girls always sound frivolous when talking on the phone in public where people can hear without meaning to eavesdrop. Scenario: Twenty-something-year-old on ferry is on her cell phone talking to BFF. “And I just don’t know what to wear because it’s a winter wedding. I hate wearing tights but it will be cold. I’m actually wearing tights right now but I don’t like it.” Bystanders don’t mean to eavesdrop but when she talks in her “normal” voice, they just can. I am guilty of both being victim by being the innocent listener as well as the stupid girl.

3. Since when is “boom” a thing? I see it in other blogs, on Facebook statuses, in work emails — yes, a professional setting! — and in conversations.  “Blah blah blah, and that’s my two cents. Boom.” OR, “And last weekend they cleaned the house, rescued a rabbit and had time to make eggplant Parmesan. Boom!”  (If the Boom is followed by an exclamation point, it’s even more annoying since I feel like it’s redundant). Stop the booming, people. Boom is for dynamite.

4. Face it, Seattle and the surrounding Puget Sound area cannot handle snow. So, instead of the rest of the world making fun of us for “freaking out” when it snows only 2 inches — actually, I see about 6 inches on my front porch — and us trying to fight back, let’s just accept it. We don’t do snow. And there’s no point in “getting ready” and spending more money to get more plows, etc. for the next “big one” that will hit in a few years. Because that’s the point. It only happens every several years. And when it does, let’s just not fight it. Stay home. Don’t drive. Go sledding with your kids. Or, if you’re in the newspaper business, just go to work already and stop complaining!

5. There was a five but now I’m realizing it’s not important. So, never mind!


One thought on “Life Realizations

  1. I’m always self-conscious talking on the phone on the ferry because I know people are listening to my biz and judging me. Yet I judge everyone else.

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