The stressful (two) weeks before a marathon

I’ll be in San Francisco in two weeks. To race / run / get through the Nike Women’s Marathon.

Joanna and I have — for the most part — been sticking to our training plan. At least we have been honoring the long runs.

And now it is time to taper. I enjoy tapering because your long runs end up being only eight miles rather than ohhh, I don’t know … 20!

But what stresses me out the most about marathon training besides the actual running training part of it, is the staying healthy part of it. And, I am not talking “healthy” as in injury-free (although that is very important as well.) I am talking not getting sick / catching the flu / letting my immune system fail.

My editor at work has been sick for a few weeks and whenever he is not around, I Clorax wipe every door knob, desktop, printer in sight. I can’t risk getting what he has! Plus, the doctor doesn’t even know what he has — he’s been tested negative for mono but is always tired and is not getting any better. The last thing I need is to get this unknown virus that will have me feeling like crap.

The only type of drinking I’ll be participating in until the marathon will be Emergen-C cocktails and bottomless OJ.

And, for the next two weeks, stay away from me if you feel even the slightest onset of a cold coming on. I’m not paranoid. I’m just marathon training.


One thought on “The stressful (two) weeks before a marathon

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