Life Rules

When I walked into the restroom, I didn’t think I was going to meet someone who would make me think … like, really think about my life.

It was the second night of Potlatch. I was probably expecting some poor Ultimate Frisbee player to be passed out under the sink or throwing up inside one of the stalls. Nope.

I took care of my business and started chatting with the woman in the stall next to me. She said she was from Mars. Now this was someone I wanted to talk to. After disclosing more about my sad little life than she wanted to hear, she told me about her “life rules.”

Make no decisions based on fear. Learn to be OK being alone. Nothing in life is free.

Those were the ones I could remember off the top of my head the next morning. It’s a good thing she had a smartphone and emailed me the complete set of rules.

She asked me what I wanted in my life. What are the details? I didn’t know. I only knew that I wanted to get the heck out of my current work situation. But, I also told her I am not a quitter. She told me I knew what I needed to do.

There was a time when I enjoyed my job. I had improved substantially since I started. I was proud of my work. I thrived on the deadlines and stress that came with it. Now, I turn in stories that I know could be better if I had just had the time to track down one or two more sources. But there is no more time. I am constantly working more than 40-hour work weeks β€” without getting paid for it. I’m fine with having responsibilities. But, when you have more than your own fair share of responsibilities? Maybe I sound like I am complaining β€” which yes, I am β€” but, this is no longer a normal healthy situation or environment.

I’m tired. I’m so tired. I’m sleep-deprived. I’m tired of working my butt off and not getting anything in return. I’m emotionally drained. I’m tired of repeating myself over and over again when people ask me how my job is or how my job search is progressing. I’m tired of my friends and family having to put up with this version of myself that I feel is not my best version any more.

Make no decisions based on fear. Learn to be OK being alone. Nothing in life is free.

If I were the type of person to have a quarter-life crisis, right now would be a good time to have one.


5 thoughts on “Life Rules

  1. I know her and I can vouch for everything you said! Worked with her for several years and now we are great friends.

    She is the Ultimate, Ultimate Frisbee chick but if you need a lesson in life, talk to her, she has seen it all!

  2. I know here too and she is one of my deepest, closest, best friends … her “life rules” have saved me in my mid-life crises! (I’m 46) and now through her, I’ve found your lovely blog which I enjoy reading the insights of a young woman (can’t even remember when I was 25!) and from here I found other blogs on your blogroll that are truly inspiring and great reads as well. The Ultimate community is a very small world sometimes and we are all connected through love of disc!

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