To my class of 2011 cousins

My parents went to Hawaii and left me to water their plants in the backyard and the garden. Though it is a vacation, they are there to celebrate my cousin Marissa’s high school graduation. And next weekend they will be in California to celebrate the high school graduation of my cousin Caitlin.

Even though I am (only?) six years older than them, it is hard to believe that they are graduating high school. Is this what being a parent feels like? What happened to the days of making home videos where we made them do hula? There is still evidence of this on a tape somewhere in our basement …

People tell me I am in “the prime” of my life. I don’t know, finishing high school and entering the next stage in life seems pretty “prime-y” to me. If I had to do college all over again, I don’t think I would do anything differently. Sure, maybe I could have studied harder in those science classes that I was forced to take that had nothing to do with my liberal arts major, but I am sure everyone thinks their grades could have been a bit better. Some wish they would have joined that student club. Or that they took more of a variety of classes. Or maybe wished they had studied abroad. I honestly wouldn’t change a thing. I did everything I wanted to. I hope Marissa and Caitlin begin this next (awesome!) part of life, so that when they look back on it several years down the road, they also wouldn’t want to change a thing.

Marissa and Caitlin, winter 2007

Happy graduation my little class of 2011 cousins! Marissa, we’ll be seeing you soon in the wonderful Pacific Northwest. And Caitlin, come visit us, or I guess we can reunite in Disneyland?


2 thoughts on “To my class of 2011 cousins

  1. omg you totally staged our conversation today as a little brainstorm for your blog post!!!! i see how it is…

  2. Graduation was last night. A most memorable and awesome event! Thank you for your words of wisdom. Marissa will definitely take it to heart!

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