city girl goes to market

I’ve admitted it time and time again. I am a city girl. And by that, I mean, I was born and raised in the city — actually the city, not a suburb of the city or an unincorporated portion near the city. My high school had the city’s name as part of the high school! I went to college in my city.

And then I went to work away from that wonderful city.

The other day, I went to the farmers market with the mission of buying my mom a mother’s day gift. I knew what I was looking for: plants. My mom has a garden and she and my dad will grow “simple things” every year like cherry tomatoes and peas. I was in search of a tomato plant and basil. The first booth I came upon seemed to have a variety of greenery so I began looking around. I saw a sign that read “tomatoes $3” in front of a variety of little plants. I noticed the tags that stuck into the dirt of each one had other names than “tomato.”

I was totally lost. I was hoping one of the tags would read “cherry” and I could just be off, but of course it was not that easy. I went up to the woman and sheepishly asked her to explain to me what the difference in the tomato plants were. Suddenly she was spitting words out like “heirloom” and saying phrases that included “indifferent” but I had no idea what context she was using it in. I just nodded, and recalled a time at the grocery store when my friend bought an heirloom tomato, which if I remember correctly was sort of larger in shape and more of an orange color.

I didn’t realize they sold real tomato plants at the market. I was expecting all of them to be small cherry tomato-sized! After asking the woman which of the smaller variety were the most popular, I selected that one, paid for it, and went on my way.

I never realized living in the city for 23 years had made me into such a city person that knows nothing about tomatoes. But, can you blame me? It’s not like I like tomatoes that much. I never eat them plain and raw. I never go out of my way to cook a meal centered around tomatoes. So, really, maybe this has nothing to do about me being from the city. Maybe this has to do with me not being a big fan of tomatoes.

But later that day I called my dad asking him if I should keep the plant indoors or outdoors until this weekend. Yeah, that sounds like something someone from the city would call about.


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