Who really cares, anyway?

The perks of living/working in a small community: people care.

The other week when I got off the phone with someone, he not only thanked me for my time, he said, “Thank you for what you do for our community.” It was the first time anyone had ever put it that way. Being a reporter, that comment warmed my heart.

This morning when I was at a blood drive (no, not giving blood — I hate needles and blood,) one of the volunteers asked me if I was Japanese. Then proceeded to ask me if I was half or full. (Oh, how I wish I could have answered that I am not a mudblood!) But then with a concerned look on his face he asked me if I have family living in Japan and if they were safe after the earthquake and tsunami. It was the first time a complete stranger has been that thoughtful before. I mean, obviously he is a good guy — he volunteers at a blood drive after all. Tragedy does bring people together.

But, I’d like to think that people come together before disaster strikes. Take the blood drive for example. I interviewed a woman who said she is deathly afraid of needles but came out today for the first time to donate blood. She said both her dad and brother are universal donors and that if she is too, she would be able to help out a lot of people. After she got one pint of blood drawn and was sitting down drinking water and being handed cookies by the volunteers, she said she is still scared of needles but plans to continue donating. “I can, so why not?” she said.

Being afraid of needles is not an excuse I guess. I’ll consider donating. I just need to coerce someone into going with me…


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