Facebook — stalkers unite

I spend too much time on Facebook than any literate, smart person should. If there is a slight change in a certain function or the layout, I’ll notice it in less than 24 hours. If my editor wants to know how to “de-friend” a person, I can tell him exactly where to click and scroll down to without even logging onto my own Facebook to check (yes, this has happened before.) And even though month after month, Facebook becomes creepier with its in-depth tracking of “friendships” and other features, I continue to use it.


The other night it got REALLY creepy.

I was mindlessly on the social networking site when I noticed the sidebar that lists “people you may know.” Usually I ignore said sidebar because if they are people I in fact know in real life and want to be friends with, well, we would already be Facebook friends. For some reason, this individual caught my attention. Why? It was my landlady.

How does Facebook know that this middle-aged woman who lives out in P-town where the population is 9,200 (thank you 2010 Census) where I rent out a room and spend my time five nights a week is the correct middle-aged woman who lives out in P-town where the population is 9,200… ??!! We have no friends in common. I don’t list my hometown or current location in my Facebook info. How did you know Facebook?

The only explanation is that Facebook is hacking into my e-mails or bank account. (OK, slightly kidding.) But, seriously, it is pretty creepy.

I told this story to my friend (via Facebook chat) and she said: Kristin, Facebook crossed the creepy line 5 years ago.

I miss the days when Facebook was only for college students. Because, then my landlady and I would be booted off the site and I wouldn’t have to spend my nights deciphering how Facebook is able to know everything about me.


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