sometimes, less is more

I had 10 awake hours without a cell phone.

The entire 10 hours I was a little paranoid.

Mainly I was worried that my editor would try to call to tell me that there was a fire, shooting, and/or a plane that crashed into the mall that I needed to cover and that he could not reach me.

I returned the smartphone. There was just too much phone for me to handle. I’m keeping my old no-frills phone. It can make calls. It can text. I’m fine with that. When I returned the smartphone, I didn’t have my old phone physically with me, which is why I had no phone for a little while.

It’s kind of scary how attached we get to technology. When I finally got my old phone reactivated, I was relieved. And because I am not too popular, I just had two texts from yesterday.

Some day, all phones will be touch screen and they will all be smart. But, until that day arrives, I will continue using my ghetto flip-phone. kthnxbye.


2 thoughts on “sometimes, less is more

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