The Grinch who stole Christmas

I love(d) Christmas.

In high school, I made Christmas mixes and burned copies for my friends. Once Warm 106.9 started playing their holiday tunes at Thanksgiving mid-November the beginning of November, I’d pre-set the station in my car and only listen to that station until Dec. 25. I loved everything about the holiday season.

My chocolate Advent calendar sits on my desk and the last window that was opened was 15. Now being a “grown up” and having to work while many of my friends and family are making gingerbread houses or taking vacations, I am liking the season less. The holiday, and the fact that many people are on holiday now, makes it very difficult for me to do my job. How can I write stories if my sources are on vacation because of Christmas?

I know, my first entry back from a long hiatus, and it is a depressing one. I’m not saying I dislike Christmas, but something is different about it for me this year. And, I blame it on my work.

Hopefully tomorrow when I leave the office for a four-day weekend, I will get into the holiday spirit. Maybe wearing my Santa hat to work will help?


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